Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where to Watch Football in New York if You're Not a New Yorker.

If you're a Jets or Giants fan this football season, you're in luck in New York.  Walk into nearly any bar in the city and, chances are, you won't be picked on for rooting for one of those teams, and will likely find fellow team fans to cheer and jeer with.  But what will you do this Sunday if you're a Steelers fan or worse, a Patriot fan out for revenge?  Don't fret, there's a bar for you!!

Steelers Fans should check out Reservoir Bar on University Place between E. 10th and 11th Streets.  Get there early, this place packs up fast.

Patriots Fans, if you're not too ashamed by now, try The Hairy Monk on 25th and 3rd Ave.

Both of these bars also serve food and I can vouch for each as solid game day choices.

Want more info on where to watch these and other teams?  Check out the following websites:

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