Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Sunday and I'm Sick. Where Can I Go?

Although many doctors may take weekends off, many viruses do not.  So what can you do when it's a weekend and you're feeling ill enough to need some medical attention, but believe that your condition is not severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room?

There are a number of "urgent care" and other walk-in medical centers around New York City that operate seven days a week, some are even open 24 hours.  Typically, you can either walk in or schedule an "appointment" shortly before you plan to arrive.  Here are a few options: has a 24 hour urgent care center on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and claims to be "less costly" than a visit to an emergency room.  Travlelmd's doctors treat everything from allergies and asthma to the flu, pneumonia and more.  They also offer specify in services for travelers who are visiting NYC and fall ill, and can provide travel vaccinations.

Bolte Medical Center, located in midtown East, is open 7 days a week.  They "discourage" walk-ins, but do take same-day appointments for anyone "suffering from a sore throat, ear infection, headache, urinary tract infection or other immediate urgent care illness."

DR Walk-In Medical Care, located inside some Manhattan Duane Reade Stores (8 different locations), can also address a variety of medical conditions for walk-in patients, provided the condition is not "life-threatening."

As a disclaimer, I cannot personally vouch for the quality of any of the above medical facilities, and I am providing this information purely for reference.  Please remember to consult your insurance company with regard to any payment questions.

Of course, if you require immediate emergency medical attention, please call 911 or have someone escort you to your nearest hospital ER (if you are unable to get there yourself).

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