Monday, January 31, 2011

What's a Brooklyn Flea?

If you think the "Brooklyn Flea" is something you need to get tested for or call an exterminator about, then you really need to keep up with your brownstoner reading.  The Brooklyn Flea is a large (mostly) antique flea market held every Saturday and Sunday through March, from 10am to 6pm, inside One Hanson Place, right near Atlantic Terminal.  The market is housed in a beautiful, historic bank building, which was recently converted to condominiums.

At the flea, you can find (somewhat overpriced, but negotiable) vintage clothing, hats, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, toys, books, records and posters, as well as art, home furnishings, used CDs, sunglasses, eyeglasses,  and more.  Looking for something really different? How about a beer making kit, some cowboy boots, cameras that use 35 mm film and have no display screen, or an $80 antique doll lamp?  (Don't forget to haggle, haggle, haggle!)  Want to impress your 20-something boyfriend or girlfriend?  Come to the flea and you may be able to buy your sweetheart a handheld "Space Invaders" video game, or a "Joey" doll, from 90s TV Sitcom Blossom.  Whoa!!

Even if you have no interest in any of the above, at least stop by for the food.  The flea takes places on two floors of the former Williamsburgh Savings Bank building, plus an upstairs mezzanine.  On the lowest level, all the way in the back, is the food room, where you'll find vendors selling gourmet hot dogs, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, milkshakes, greek salads and wraps (and even moussaka! but sadly, no gyros...), fresh-sliced panchetta sandwiches, and something called pupusas.  The main floor also has some interesting treats available, including kumquat cupcakes.

When the weather gets warmer, the flea moves outdoors.  Head to Fort Greene for the Saturday market that opens in April, or the new Williamsburg location that will be opening this Spring.  Click here for more info on these locations and an overview of the flea and its vendors and services.

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