Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paulie Gee Knows His Pizza.

Paulie Gee's twitter tagline says all you need to know about this local legend and his popular pizza, "Some people live to eat, I live to eat pizza. And now serve it in Greenpoint too." If you haven't yet made it to Paulie Gee's (in the 3+ years it's been open), then you are missing out on an establishment that has won the hearts and stomachs of NYC.

Paulie Gee's Perfects the Art of Pizza Making
Despite being marginally out of the way for many, something spectacular is happening just west of the Greenpoint Ave "G" train in Brooklyn. Taking no reservations and with limited operating hours (closed Mondays, open only for dinner all other evenings), it is not uncommon to see patrons waiting 1-2 hours for a table at Paulie Gee's. Housed in an old fire house, Paulie Gee's gives off an earthy feel as, perhaps ironically, a brick oven in the back bakes up an immense assortment of pies. Pizza is the main event here and there is no shortage of options with nearly 30 varieties. Each pizza title is a clever play on words, such as the "Ricotta Be Kiddin Me," which prominently features "dollops" of fresh, creamy ricotta, or the "Whiter Shade of Kale," which incorporates marinated baby kale sourced from local rooftop farms. Paulie Gee makes good use of local, sustainable products.

Sweet and spicy "Hellboy" will fire you up in all the right ways.
For meat eaters who like a little kick, the "Hellboy" redefines sweet and spicy with its picante sopressata and famous hot honey sauce (a surprisingly savory blend of honey, vinegar and chilies). Though there's an abundance of other palatable meat toppings available at Paulie Gee's, such as Italian sweet fennel sausage, or prosciutto de parma, even vegans can be satisfied with an entire menu section dedicated to vegan pizzas, and including a vegan sausage option that's rumored to be just as scrumptious as the real thing.

Just how does Paulie Gee know that people are enjoying his pizzas? Simple. He checks up on his restaurant almost daily. Look for a smiling gentleman in a hat and glasses who may pass by your table several times and ask how your meal is. That's the real big cheese (hee hee), Mr. Paulie Gee himself.

Coming from Manhattan? Consider taking a ride on the East River Ferry to Greenpoint (India Street).

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