Friday, July 5, 2013

Lockaway Self Storage Provides Secure and Serene Space for Your Stuff.

Social science research reveals that moving is one of the most stressful events in one's life, up there with major life events such as starting a new job, getting married, and having a child. One New York City business is making strides to make your move just a little more serene. I recently had a wonderful experience at Lockaway Self Storage in downtown Brooklyn, and without any compensation or request for promotion, I felt compelled to tell my readers about Lockaway and share my experience there.

In between apartments right now, I needed a convenient, affordable place where I could store the majority of my belongings while I was figuring out my living situation. After scouring the internet for various options and feeling unsatisfied, I got a recommendation for Lockaway Self Storage from my moving company, Best Moves, Inc., and was very pleased with what I found. Easily accessible by public transportation (15 min walk from the F at York) or by moving van or car, and with an on-site gated parking lot, Lockaway offered me convenient, secure access to my stuff, for a price I could manage.

Upon entering Lockaway for the first time (after passing through the secure gates), I came upon a pleasant fountain full of koi fish, marking the entrance to the lobby where customers can sign up for a storage unit, reserve a U-haul truck, purchase packing supplies, or make a cup of complimentary coffee. Seemingly stepping back in time, I then entered a zen room full of collectible items on display, a classic jukebox face, a vintage time punch clock, an antique cash register, and many more interesting antique wares. There I was greeted by "Tracie," who was personable, courteous and professional, and carefully walked me through all terms of my storage contract and explained all procedures and fees. Despite the stress of my move, the atmosphere at Lockaway and the excellent employee assistance made me feel relieved and at ease, especially when it came to security. The entire storage facility (the largest in NYC!) was outfitted with security cameras which were displayed on large screens in the reception area. Anyone entering or exiting, whether by foot, car or bicycle, needed an access code or permission from the front desk. I was contented to find that (with the help of my movers) I could easily fit a one-bedroom apartment's worth of furniture and boxes into an indoor, climate controlled 7' x 10'  x 9' unit for only $199 a month (plus a $35 one-time move in fee). Having an erratic work schedule, I was also happy to learn that Lockaway stays open until 9pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday eves.

What really sold me on deciding to share my storage experience was an article I came upon while browsing in the reception area. In fairly misery times, Lockaway Self Storage has been no stranger to corporate social responsibility. In 2010, for example, Lockaway donated use of a free storage unit to a local couple (with child) who made headlines while living out of a pink school bus after losing their East Village apartment.

I would highly recommend Lockaway Self Storage to anyone looking for a little extra space, whether for one month, a year, or indefinitely. Depending on individual needs, Lockaway offers both indoor and outdoor storage units of varying sizes. Storage units can be booked on or by calling Lockaway directly at (347) 826-5919.


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