Thursday, July 4, 2013

NYC Fatburger Location Creates a Fun, Inviting Vibe for Burger Cravers

This Independence Day, do something truly American -- eat a burger! Just a few weeks ago, international burger sensation Fatburger celebrated the grand opening of its second first New York City location on 3rd Ave, just north of 34th Street (what do I mean by second first location? See for details). According to Fatburger staff, more locations are planned in New York City, but currently the closest Fatburger branch is in Atlantic City, at the pristine Borgata Hotel and Casino.

With its colorful mosaic ceilings, two large TVs, daily late night hours until 1am, and a bar with beer and wine, Fatburger has created a fun, inviting vibe for burger cravers. The mildly hungry can opt for a "medium" burger (1/3 lb), while the famished and/or otherwise appetite optimistic can go all the way up to an XXXL burger (1 1/2 lbs!). Anyone who can actually finish the XXXL gets a photo and his/her name on the wall. Order your burger with "the works" (lettuce, tomato, onion, relish, mustard, mayo) or pick and choose what toppings you would like, including specialty "add-ons" such as cheese or guacamole.

What really sets Fatburger apart is the freshness of their 100% lean beef, which, as they say, is just "burgerlicious". Each burger is perfectly grilled to a medium well temperature and served satisfyingly juicy. You'll know it's fresh and made to order by your wait time, but the wait will be well worth it. If you like onion rings, you'll be glad to know they're made from scratch daily at Fatburger. And if you like fries, well you're really in for a treat. You're most difficult decision may be choosing between the two varieties of piping hot, golden fries, "fat" (like steak fries), or "skinny". If you prefer a larger, fatter fry, you'll know what to do. If you want thin and crispy, go skinny.

Check out Fatburger's full menu for all options.

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