Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Showgirls! The Musical" Moving to "Different Places" With an Off-Broadway Run!

Audiences can't get enough of drifter Nomi Malone, so it's time for "Showgirls! The Musical! to drift over to its own Off-Broadway stage at XL Nightclub, on W. 42nd between 10th & 11th Ave.  From May 15 through June 15, "Showgirls!" will really shine in its new home home at XL's 200-seat theater. Actress Rena Riffel will even be reprising her role as "Penny" from the Showgirls and Showgirls 2 films, through May 25.

Talented stage acting, witty writing, catchy tunes and, of course, nudity, make this a show that is heading to the top, even if it has to push you down the stairs to get there.

Purchase tickets now for upcoming performances on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 8pm. For more info, watch the show's trailer, check out the slightly-NSFW website, and read WGINY's in-depth review from the show's premiere at the Kraine Theater.

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