Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spotlight on Spring Dumpling House

Interior of Spring Dumping House -- 36 W. 38th Street 
You don't have to head to Chinatown to find some of the best dumplings in town.  Instead, try Spring Dumpling House, conveniently located in midtown, at 36 W. 38th Street between 5th and 6th Ave.  The chic, minimalist decor compliments the exposed brick, as mellow lighting and eclectic world music set a smooth dining scene. Peppy, friendly waitstaff provide you with some complimentary peanuts to snack on, as is Chinese tradition, and iPad is presented to patrons highlighting menu and daily specials such as staff (and WGINY) favorite, pork belly sliders. Your server will describe each dish and sauce in detail and, if you ask, even explain exactly how to eat and dip these Chinese "tapas."  

Spicy Pork Dumplings -- One plate is never enough!
Priding itself on being "The House of Pot Sticker, Yummy Dumpling and Tasty Noodle," Spring Dumpling House is full of delicious surprises, like the savory meat exploding out of their popular spicy pork dumping. The name of the game is definitely pork here, and you'll find several combinations of it-- pork and chive, pork and cabbage, pork and scallion-- as you look over the extensive menu of dumplings and potstickers. Each plate of dumplings or potstickers is served piping hot and ready to be devoured. Potstickers are lightly pan seared while dumplings are boiled, and the chefs at Spring Dumpling House seem to have perfected the art of blending just the right amount of sweet and sour and spice in each creation.

Of course a tour of Northeast Chinese delights would probably not be complete without some shellfish, so make sure to order a plate of sesame shrimp toast. Served with a side of vinegar-based sriracha sauce, this is a delicacy that will melt in your mouth. For another shrimp specialty, try the shrimp, chive and mushroom dumpling.

Sesame Shrimp Toast

The most difficult part of a visit to Spring Dumping House is knowing when to stop. You can't eat it all, but you'll probably want to. If you go and you love it like I did, don't forget to "like" Spring Dumpling House on facebook. Live close by but don't feel eating out? Spring Dumping House also delivers.

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