Monday, April 15, 2013

"Trust the Thurst," Darling, With New Parody: "Showgirls! The Musical!"

"Showgirls! The Musical!" 
Remember when the zany "Zack Attack" came back in "Bayside! The Unmusical!"? Well the devious minds behind that unauthorized parody have created yet another sensational show that's wilder and more naked than anything you'd ever see at Bayside High -- "Showgirls! The Musical!"

With their musical interpretation of the 1995 cult classic film, "Showgirls," Medium Face creators want you to "Trust the Thrust" as you follow drifter "Nomi Malone" on her hilariously despondent journey to rise through the ranks of topless starlets in Las Vegas. This show forces audiences to do some serious soul searching to find the answers to hard questions, such as "Will Nomi lick that pole?" "Will Nomi's past come back to haunt her from different places?" "Will Nomi and Molly give in to the tension and become 'special' best friends?" Actress and Elizabeth Berkley look alike, April Kidwell, who also played "Jessie Spano" in "Bayside", portrays a tenacious Nomi Malone, complete with a fair share of freak outs and french fries. Her crazy eyes are so crazy, you'll forget she's acting!

The love-hate chemistry between "Nomi Malone" and "Cristal Conners," played by the dazzling Rori Nogee, is electric as they toggle for top-billed performer in the revue, "Goddess". Nogee thrusts herself far into the spotlight with her Southern Rock stylings, as she belts out "Look at Me," a song in which she tells of her superior status as Vegas Royalty. Marcus Desion, who portrays both Nomi's best friend "Molly" and one of Nomi's several love/lust interests, "James," also impresses with his talents as a skilled singer and dancer. Desion clearly excels as a physical movement artist, and brings a special comedic flair to an already absurd stage.

Recreated scenes at famed movie locations such as the "Krave Club," "The Cheetah," the "Boat Show," and "Kyle MacLachlan's pool" are wildly entertaining and completely over-the-top, as well as under the top, topless, on top of laps, and around poles. Kidwell's pole performance at "The Cheetah" is so incredibly athletic and poised, that the audience must wonder whether she has some classical dance or pole training, as she could probably match wits with some seasoned pole dancers.

Trust the Thrust! with April Kidwell as "Nomi Malone"
As if it couldn't get any more awesome, "Showgirls! The Musical!" is full of memorable dialogue and one-liners from the movie such as "You burn when you dance," "Dancing Ain't F*king," (also the title of one of the songs in the "Showgirls!" score) and "If you're the only one left standing, they'll hire you."

Unfortunately, any parody of "Showgirls" could not be complete without some references to the grievous sexual assault scene. The topic is at first addressed only suggestively, in passing comments, but the Medium Face team carries it out just a tad more than to a suggestion, and that part could probably be left out. Don't worry though, the show overall more than makes up for this faux pas, and Nomi climatically returns to kick some serious behind, and front, to the man who hurt her friend.

You won't want to miss this "Pollyanna's" limited engagement at the Kraine Theater, starting April 17. At only $18 each, tickets will sell out faster than Elizabeth Berkley did. Even if you're not familiar with the movie -- Come for the Dancing! Come for the Debauchery! Come for the Costumes, or lack thereof... Catch the show's trailer here and visit the "slightly NSFW" website to learn more.

Promotional photos used with permission.

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