Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Review of West Village Trattoria, Pesce Pasta.

Contributing Author For This Post: Mom (who is very excited to have her first byline)

Looking for an intimate restaurant to enjoy a dinner among friends or spark some romance with a date? Try Pesce Pasta, located at 262 Bleecker Street, in the village.  This trattoria serves up trendy Northern Italian fare without emptying your wallet. My mom and I recently tried it for dinner after reading various reviews on yelp, menupages and citysearch.

The ambiance at Pesce Pasta was quaint. The walls were lined with "pesce" (Italian for fish) themed art, which is not surprising considering that the restaurant is known for its fresh fish selection, which changes everyday based on availability. Nevertheless, my mom and I were both craving some rich carb-laden food, so we went with more traditional Italian choices -- sharing a chicken parmesan and a lasagna bolognese. We also started out with a caesar salad which we shared, and rightly so, as every dish seemed made for at least two people.  The salad, topped with fresh parmesan cheese and creamy dressing, was crisp and tasty.

The chicken parmesan, which was breaded and fried, had just the right amount of cheese paired with flavorful marinara sauce. The chicken was tender and easy to cut, and not a single morsel was burned, which is something I have unfortunately come to expect based on dining experiences at other restaurants.

The lasagna was especially interesting and somewhat unusual, in a very delectable way. The bolognese sauce, which had as its base the same flavorful marinara sauce as the chicken parmesan, was prepared with velvety, smooth cream, and choice meat, and, as our waiter explained, "lots and lots of parmesan cheese." The chef at Pesce Pasta certainly knows his way around the kitchen.

Unlike some reviews have foretold, the wait staff was extremely friendly and attentive. The prices were also reasonable. Know before you go that this restaurant has no bar, but they do serve beer and have an extensive wine list. I'll keep this in mind next time I stop by, as I surely intend to return to see if their pesce lives up to its name.

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