Friday, February 11, 2011

Pizza Post Part 2: Where to Find Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in New York

While I understand some New Yorkers may boycott this blog simply for my posting this information, please keep an open mind. :) After all, it’s just pizza, people, not religion…

Now that you know where to go in New York City for some of the best New York style pizza around, check out some of the following locations if you’re craving some Chicago deep dish pizza. As a self-proclaimed New York pizza lover myself, I was skeptical the first time I stepped into a deep dish pizzeria in Chicago, but the carb-fiend in me fell in love with the thick golden crust underlying layers of baked goodness. The two styles honestly just cannot be compared. To reference the old adage, it is literally like apples and oranges – two sweet but very different fruits – sometimes you want to eat the apple and sometimes you desire the orange. Try approaching the pizza like that, and expose yourself to something new.

As a disclaimer, I must admit that, unlike Pizza Post Part 1, I have yet to try the following restaurants and I am only providing this post for informational purposes, in alphabetical order, so as not to show any favoritism. Go and try them yourself (and then leave a comment)! At some point I will try to make my way to at least a few of the pizzerias listed here, and in that case, I’ll report back for sure.

Big Nick’s Burger and Pizza Joint, at 2175 Broadway, at 77th Street, has “Chicago-style deep dish pizza” on their menu.

La Bruschetta, at 256 7th Ave, between 5th and 6th Street in Brooklyn, has “Chicago deep dish pizza” listed under their specialty pie choices.

Knapp Pizza II offers “pan pizza” that is supposedly tantamount to deep dish. It is located at 261 Avenue X in Brooklyn. (Anyone who has ever been to Pizza Hut knows that “pan pizza” doesn’t always really mean deep dish in the Chicago-sense, but sometimes it does…).

L’asso , at 192 Mott Street, has a deep dish pizza pie. (I kept this on the list because L’asso’s thin crust pizzas, which I have tried, are very good. However, if their deep dish really anything like this, it might be a hard sell… And, they got panned, no pun intended, by slice).

Last Stop Restaurant Cafe offers deep dish “pan pizza” and is located at 22-35 31sst Stret in Astoria. Great reviews here.

Pizza Natanya, at 1506 Ave J in Brooklyn, has “deep dish pizza” on their menu.

Ray Bari Pizza has three locations, two in Manhattan and one in Queens. Has mixed reviews on their deep dish at their East Midtown location, 930 3rd Avenue between 55th and 56th Street, but seems worth a try.

La Villa Pizzeria, located at 261 5th Ave, in Park Slope, brags about their "Thick Crust Deep DIsh Pizza baked to order in our Fire Deck Oven with whole Milk Mozzarella and San Marzano Tomato and Basil Sauce."  I'm inclined to think this one must be good, as I've tried their thin crust margherita, which La Villa describes as "Wood Fired, Simple, Classic, and Delicious!," and I couldn't agree more. 

Also consider checking out Previti Pizza, located at 123 E. 41st Street, at Lexington, which has focaccia “deep dish” pizza and that these reviews recommend. And Enzo’s Brickoven, at 217 Prospect Park West, according to these yelp reviews has deep dish pizza, although it doesn’t yet appear on their menu pages page. There’s also Tony’s Pizza, at 355 Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, which supposedly has deep dish, but slice say it really isn’t so….

You may be wondering, what about Pizzeria Uno? While there are plenty of Uno chains lurking around the New York metropolitan area, I would not recommend equating it with real deep dish pizza. Don’t get me wrong, if you try Uno’s or Due’s in Chicago, you mouth will experience a pleasure it has never had before, but you won’t find near the same ecstasy at the chain locations, sorry.

Alternatively, if you can’t get to Chicago but you really want the true, original form of the deep dish pizza, then try ordering online from Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’sIf you want traditional deep dish, try Lou Malnati’s. For a twist, order stuffed pizza from Giordano’s. Your pizza will be partially baked, frozen, and shipped to your doorstep with precise baking instructions. I have tried both Lou Malnati’s, in Chicago, as well as shipped version, and Giordano’s, at an Orlando, Florida branch, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. 

If you want to know how I found the NYC places, here are some of the searches I did:
“deep dish” and “deep dish pizza” on menu pages
“deep dish pizza” on yelp
“deep dish pizza brooklyn” and “deep dish pizza nyc” on google

Then I perused what I found, read the reviews I located, and created this post. Manga!

UPDATE: Just found another one -- Vinny's Brooklyn, on Court Street and 4th Place, claims to sell "Chicago Stuffed Pizza" pies...

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