Monday, February 28, 2011

Play Dead.

This weekend I had a spooktacular time at a haunting new show at The Players Theatre -- "Play Dead" is a thriller written by acclaimed illusionist Teller (yes, that Teller), and famed sideshow actor Todd Robbins, and starring... Todd Robbins! Apparently a master of illusion himself, Robbins takes the audience on a journey to play, quite literally, with Death. In keeping with the Spirit of the show, I cannot reveal much more, as the audience was asked to hold our tongues regarding any secrets we may have learned during the hour-and-a-half, no-intermission-fear-fest. I wish I could tell you about the... or how Robbins... or the audience member who... but, alas!, you'll have to go see this show for yourself.

And what will you see exactly? Well, for parts of the show, absolutely nothing, as the entire theatre is plunged into deep darkness. (Don't forget to turn off that cell phone completely so as not to ruin the experience for anyone!). But don't despair, I assure you that the rest of your senses will be quite heightened. You'll laugh, you'll scream, you'll cower and you may even cry. You'll witness things you have never seen before, and some you'll hope to never see again. You may even be called on to participate, and who knows where your fate may then lie. Some of what you'll see you won't believe, but if it's happening right in front of you it must be real, right?...

If you're looking for a unique date idea, this may be the perfect way to get that woman (or man) to grab and grope you and ask you to please, please, hold her tighter. I personally chose to enjoy this show with my mom, and I can honestly say that I have probably not held onto her so tightly since my days of grasping reflexes.

A fair warning: this show is not for the faint of heart, and may also be inappropriate for those who have very recently experienced loss. However, if you like dark comedy and you're ready to allow yourself to have a real sense of humor about Death, as Teller states in the show's playbill, "[D]on't sit back. Don't relax. It's time to play dead."
Left: Todd Robbins
The Players Theatre is located at 115 Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village, off of West 3rd.


  1. Your comments about Play Dead were dead on. My body mysteriously vanished from the picture. Love MOM

  2. Very intriguing...I shall check it out.