Thursday, August 1, 2013

Motorino Williamsburg is Back and Better Than Ever!

After a nearly two year hiatus due to a shoddy landlord, trendy, tasty Motorino Pizza has finally reopened a new Williamsburg location at 139 Broadway, off of Bedford Ave. With a larger space and more options on the menu, the new location stands a slice above even its own East Village sidekick. Chic exposed brick peeks out over signature white marble tabletops as candles light the mood for the meals at Motorino Williamsburg.

Steamed Clams W/Oregano Garlic Bread
Start off with the Steamed Clams served with Oregano Garlic Bread. These little steamed gems will melt in
your mouth as hot as the buttery sauce in which they're served. When you've devoured all the clams, move onto the bread and dip it in the remaining sauce to really give your sensations a kick.

When you're ready for your pizza, Motorino Williamsburg has 11 "Pizze" options to choose from, or you can create your own pizza. As thin crust varieties go, Motorino concocts a crust that is light and airy yet fulfilling and tasteful. You won't want to leave this crust behind, as it's probably one of the best you'll consume in NYC.

Soppressata Picante Pizze
As for toppings, try the traditional Margherita first, made with real mozzarella di bufala, and the sweet tomato sauce that makes Motorino's pizzas shine. Next you can move on to a spicier experience, with the Soppressata Picante. It's no "Hellboy," but the combination of fior di latte, spicy soppressata, pecorino and chili flakes, among other spices, will leave you salivating for more.

Brussels Sprout Pizze
And if by some chance your hunger is still not satisfied, engorge yourself on the Brussels Sprout pizza. Brussels sprouts and smoked pancetta on pizza without any tomato sauce might seem unappetizing, but rest assured your mom won't have to make you eat these Brussels sprouts. Set on a that perfect crust with a bed of soft fior di latte, the Brussels Sprout pizza gets better with every bite.

Unlike the typical brick oven haunt, the "new" Motorino has (so far) little to no wait on a weeknight at prime dinner time, and accepts credit cards. The liquor license is pending, but within 1-2 weeks the restaurant should be adding wine and beer to the menu.  Get it while it's hot!

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