Sunday, August 11, 2013

Head to Broadway for the Best "First Date" You'll Have This Year.

Broadway's newest musical comedy will have you falling in love at first sight as you watch characters Aaron and Casey fumble through their First Date. At first glance, Casey, who works in an art gallery, presents as edgy, creative and avant garde, while Aaron, who works in finance, seems as square and structured as ever. Casey likes bad boys, while Aaron likes, well, his ex. Can these too ever find common ground?

First Date takes a sassy approach to the blind dating scene, and reminds the audience that sometimes love may be lurking where you least expect it. Journey through all of the faux paus of that first date, as this could-be couple continues to get it all wrong. From discussing religion on a first date to exploring past relationships, Aaron and Casey could not be farther from hitting it out of the park. Or could they?

Though Zachary Levi (known for the lead role in TV series Chuck) makes his Broadway debut in First Date, his counterpart, Krysta Rodriguez (seen on TV as "Ana Vargas" in Smash) is no stranger to the stage, having originated the role of "Wednesday Addams" in The Addams Family. Like the characters they play, Levi and Rodriguez have an unexpected chemistry. Levi impresses as a charmingly awkward "Aaron," and Rodriguez is never stronger nor more radiant as she belts out her lines.

The show makes fun of dating, pop culture and corporate America, in a very ostentatious way. Think crosses and stars of David flying at your face, and yet it's all totally acceptable, because it's Broadway. Surely, the comic relief would not be complete without its ensemble cast of characters. Just four additional actors play a plethora of family members, friends, ex-lovers, and one lovesick, singing waiter (played by Blake Hammond) who is all too eager to intervene in the young daters' evening. Casey's sister "Lauren" (Sara Chase) and Aaron's best friend "Gabe" (Bryce Ryness) personify the proverbial angel and devil to Casey and Aaron, getting inside their heads during their date and forcing them to face their inner dating demons. Meanwhile, Casey's best friend, "Reggie" (Kristoffe Cusick) won't stop dialing her during the night, expecting her to be eagerly waiting a "bailout" from another failed blind date. "Bailout Song" is one catchy, hilarious tune with an attitude that you won't soon forget.

For anyone that's ever experienced the New York dating scene, the length of time that Casey and Aaron actually spend together on their date, despite seeming to have nothing in common, may seem a bit contrived at first. But give love a chance, and you won't certainly regret giving this First Date a second look.

First Date has just officially begun its Broadway run at the Longacre Theatre, and tickets can be purchased here.

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