Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spoltight on "FM Belfast"

Who or what is "FM Belfast," you ask? Don't expect to be in the dark too long about these guys as they light up the electro-pop music scene. Hailing from Iceland, FM Belfast headlined the 2008 Iceland Airwaves music festival, around the time of the release of their first official album, "How to Make Friends". As often happens with good music, it was their European fan base that really propelled them, but Americans are starting to take notice.

Perhaps they just can't stop singing along to catchy tunes such as "[I'm gonna learn] American" or "I don't wanna go to sleep either," or dancing to the hip beats FM Belfast pours out. Whatever the reason, it is clear that where FM Belfast goes, so does a surge of musical energy and excitement. Whether they are getting low with the crowd, rapping, throwing out confetti and silly string, or singing in their underwear to the tune of their single, "Underwear," FM Belfast knows how to have fun.

According to their website bio, FM Belfast was formed by couple Árni and Lóa in late 2005, because they simply wanted to make a Christmas song recording for friends. However, there was such a clear, cheerful passion and talent evident in their music, that they were encouraged to continue making music and begin performing. They have been doing so since 2006, despite their first album release being delayed until 2008.

Apparently, while the group usually performs with a core of four members, as many as forty musicians have appeared on stage in their shows over the years.  This past Sunday, a moderately-sized FM Belfast lit up the Studio at Webster Hall with their peppy, upbeat tunes, perhaps set to follow in the footsteps of now-well known bands such as Vampire WeekendMumford and Sons, Spoon, Florence and the Machine, and so many others. The stage was vibrantly decorated and the sounds of cowbells and maracas merely further accessorized the party in which the crowd became engrossed.

Get more familiar with FM Belfast here, and keep an eye on their tour dates. You don't want to miss their next NYC show.

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