Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 Things I Want To Do In NYC When I Win The Lotto.

WGINY guest author, Li Chen, of Vimbly, tells What's Good in New York what she would do in NYC if she won the lottery, in her own words. 

5 Things I Want To Do In NYC When I Win The Lotto 
by Li Chen 

I recently filled out a questionnaire sheet and one of the questions was, "If you woke up as a millionaire, what's the first thing you'd buy?" I gave it a lot of thought. Unlike those chick flicks, I don't care for a Prada or a Porsche. I am not Miss Universe so I won't say "world peace" to every question and I won't donate my share either. Instead, this is what I'd do:

1. Visit the Empire State Building. The day I win the lotto will be the day I visit the Empire State Building. It costs $45 dollars for a NY Skyride and Empire State Building Observatory ticket...that's equivalent to a box of 24 Packs of King Size Kit Kat bars ($41.99!). Unless I get to take a picture with King Kong on top of the Empire State, I am spending my money on curing my sweet tooth cravings. Besides, time is money too. Did you see the line? Waiting in line...heck to the no!

2. Go on food tours everyday. I initially thought of eating at a buffet everyday, but having worked at one, I know waiters and waitresses look at you (they do!) when you go up for seconds or thirds. I prefer food tours where everyone is busy trying out food samples and no one is paying attention to you wolfing down a cannoli. Definitely food tours for the win!

3. Invest in micro apartments. There has been a shortage of affordable housing in New York City since the beginning of mankind. Micro apartments are definitely a better investment than clothes from Macy's. You can either sell it for a higher price when it's finished, or rent it and collect rent. Hey, planning for retirement wasn't that bad after all!

4. Buy parking lots. Wherever you see empty lots, buy it! Space is money in the city. You don't even need to decorate or renovate or anything. Simply put up a sign that spells P-A-R-K-I-N-G and you are guaranteed to make money.

5. Start my own company. There are numerous start startup companies in New York City. If money is not a concern, why not start a company of your own? Yes, you run the risk of failing but what do you have to lose? Most importantly, you are helping your community by creating time-saving web and phone apps like OpenTable: NYC Reservations for restaurants and Vimbly for recreational activities.

For more info on Vimbly, see WGINY's previous post about how this very nimbly site helps navigates NYC for busy activity-seekers. 

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