Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TheSkilift.org Lets the Car-less Find Rideshares to the Slopes!

Last year, I posted all about skiing and snowboarding day trips from New York City without a car.  The bus  trips mentioned are an easy and convenient way to enjoy the slopes, but now another option has come into the mix: TheSkiLift.org is a rideshare and social networking site for the snowbound, connecting those with cars with those who need a proverbial "lift."

Whether you have a car and want some company or a little cash while driving to the slopes, or you are looking to ski/board and hope to save a little money on transportation, be able to go on your own schedule, and maybe make a friend in the process, TheSkiLift.org is a great tool.  The site connects would-be ridesharers not just locally, but around the world.   Hopefully there will actually be some snow this year in upstate New York, New England and surrounding areas, so we can enjoy the great snow sports they have to offer.

Find TheSkiLift on facebook here.

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