Monday, July 16, 2012

Cool Bar With a "Vu" Still Remains Hot.

In May 2011, I recommended Mé Bar, on the 14th Floor of the La Quinta Inn, in Koreatown, as a "cool, laid-back bar offer[ing] a chill vibe unlike any other rooftop bar I've been to in this city." (Yes, I just quoted myself...). While Mé Bar closed its proverbial doors "forever" on September 30, 2011, and opened up a supposedly chic gastrobar around the corner (which WGINY has yet to explore), on October 1, 2011, new management opened up "Vu Rooftop Bar" in Mé's place.

Even on a cloudy day, this "Vu" thrills.
Fast-forward to 2012.... Summertime, open-air rooftop bars are in full force, and I recently had the opportunity to return to this particular rooftop and scope out the "new" scene.  I am happy to report that, except for the name, it doesn't really seem like much as changed, and that's a good thing!

The drinks remained inexpensive yet powerful, and the drinkers remain classy yet low key.  I didn't see the seasoned bartender, Julian, or the free popcorn, but Vu does sell small munches (e.g. Pringles), and those tending bar are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  The bar still opens at 5:30pm, and heat lamps come out if the weather gets too cold (not like that's going to happen anytime soon).  Plus, Vu now offers live jazz on Sunday nights from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.  Did someone say date night?

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An after-work crowd gathers on an early Friday evening at Vu Rooftop Bar.

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