Saturday, July 28, 2012

Booze Carriage Brings the Booze to You!

There's a new delivery guy in town... You can find him online, and he'll be at your door in 30-60 minutes.  He won't bring you Chinese food, or even pizza, but what he's got is something even more prized -- booze!

Booze Carriage is a new website for 21 and over Manhattanites living from 96th Street to Battery Park area on the east side, or 91st Street to Battery Park area on the west side (so, essentially, pretty much anyone living anywhere downtown, midtown, and much of uptown), looking for a quick way to access beer and spirits online.

The best part of Booze Carriage is that, unlike many other merchants that deliver alcohol (e.g., the website works with local vendors to get your booze to you fast.  Forget worrying about whether you should order "express" or "overnight"... this booze travels to you instantly, promising to arrive at your door within 30-60 minutes of your order time.  Booze Carriage is premised on the idea that New Yorkers don't really like to wait... for anything. (Though, if you do need your order delivered at a specific time/date in the future, Booze Carriage can accommodate special delivery requests).

I had the opportunity to try out Booze Carriage recently.  What is most appealing is that the prices for beer, wine and liquor, are the same as you would find in any local bodega, and there is no delivery fee (although there is a $20 order minimum).  Just like actual NYC stores, however, beer and wine/liquor must be purchased separately, likely due to antiquated local laws that do not allow the same establishment to sell both beer and liquor.

Nevertheless, the site is very streamlined and easy to us, and delivery is available around the clock-- anytime day or night.  Before you can access the site, you must enter your full birthdate, proving that you are of legal drinking age.  You may then choose whether you want to enter the beer shop or the liquor store, and you can begin browsing the highly varied selections.  For beer, choose from domestic or imported bottles and cans, ales, ambers, ciders, lagers and more, from 4-packs through 24-packs (depending on the brand), as well as craft premium and super premium bottle selections from 12 through 32 ounces.  If wine or liquor are your pleasure, Booze Carriage also offers a wide variety of gins, vodkas, rums, and any other "hard" liquor you may desire, as well as a full variety of white, red, rose or sparkling wines and champagne.  The site will soon be offering sake and even kosher wines as well, among other specialty drinks.  If you're having a party, make sure to throw in some ice, which you can also find at both of Booze Carriage's sites.  I order a few cases of beer recently, and they arrived fast and fresh, and ice cold! (Okay, well, it took slightly longer than an hour, but it was also during a torrential rainstorm...).

In addition, although not advertised, Booze Carriage can deliver kegs on request.  Having thrown a house-party or two in my time in NYC, I know how important a service like this can be.  In general, Booze Carriage eliminates the need for multiple trips to the liquor/beer store, taking along five of your friends just to carry everything, and/or the need to rent a car for larger purchases.  This carriage does all that work for you!

Final analysis: if you just want a few beers for yourself and a friend, you may be better off running to the corner shop.  However, if you're seeking a larger order, perhaps hosting a party, or having more than a couple of friends stop by, heading out on a long weekend trip, or any other excursion that may call for $20+ worth of booze, Booze Carriage is a convenient, reliable option.  You can even order on your mobile phone, a great option if you're on your way home and want your booze to greet you.

*Booze Carriage logo used with permission

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