Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Weekly: Something to Look Forward To.

It's the Wednesday before All Hallows' Eve, and things in New York are certainly getting spooky! Are you looking for something to to this week/end? Here are my suggestions:

Party Halloween:
A Halloween Pub Crawl will take place on Friday, Saturday and Monday of Halloween weekend. Purchase tickets to have access to all the drink specials at the various bars throughout the weekend and Monday night.

If you've got some sturdy sea-legs, consider one of these Halloween weekend rides on the Hudson and/or East Rivers: Harbor Lights; New York PrincessQueen of HeartsPaddle Wheel Queen NY; Skyline Princess; The Majesty.

Scary Halloween
Haunted houses are not just for kids anymore! Check out these creepy Halloween attractions in NYC. Most are expensive and take a very short time to see, but if you've never gone before, it's worth a scare.

Nightmare: Fairy Tales is a haunted house with a theme that changes annually. This year's theme, "Fairy Tales," brings to life the gruesome stories behind the happy-ending fairy tales we were told as children. This haunted house tends to be more of a psychologically thrilling experience than one where things go bump in the night. Open through November 5. Tickets start at $30, or $15-20 with student ID. I went to a prior "Nightmare" haunted house and found it fun and chilling, although definitely over too quickly.

Blood Manor is another adult house of horrors and terror, made up of various rooms of gore, demons, dementia, and who knows what else may be lurking, or crawling, or rising from the dead among the Manor... Tickets start at $27.50 and are available through November 5. I have never been to Blood Manor but it's on my "to do" list... I especially recommend it this year as the Manor's 2011 season has been dedicated to a high school classmate of mine, Arwen "Spliff" Rosa, a freaky performance artist who sadly passed away on October 16, 2011 after complications following a car accident last year.

Blackout Haunted House is currently operating by standby list only through its closing date of November 5. This haunted house is unique because you are required to walk through alone, no matter how many people you arrived with.  The theme of this attraction is more sadistic and sexual in nature than the others, but if you can take some direction when commands are barked at you by strangers in the dark and you don't mind being touched (no, not like that), then this haunted house may be the one for you. I have been to a prior haunted house by the same host. It was incredibly scary, exciting, fun and offensive all at the same time. Without giving too much away, if you would not be comfortable with, for example, someone putting a potato sack over your head and marching you forward, then skip this one.

Third Rail's Steampunk Haunted House: Through the Looking Glass seems like it may be similar to "Nightmare." This is the first year I have heard about this haunted house, apparently in its third season. The theme focuses on the darker side of Lewis Carroll stories. Tickets start at $20 ($10 for students) and are available through October 31.

Bookworm Halloween:
Housing Works Bookstore Cafe will be hosting a FREE Literary Halloween Party on Monday, October 31 at 7pm. Come dressed in your favorite literary-themed costume and hear readings of "horrors real and imagined." Drinks specials and treats available.

Indie Halloween
Indie quartet, Brooklyn Rider, will play Carnegie Hall at 7:30pm on Monday, October 31. Tickets are normally $27-35, but is offering $20 tickets if you purchase tickets by October 28 and enter promo code "SKT13035."

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