Sunday, October 23, 2011

Givers Continue to Rise Up, Up, Up!

On Thursday evening, as part of the CMJ Marathon, Louisiana-based band, Givers, opened for Portugal. The Man, at Terminal 5 (one of my favorite NYC venues!). I first saw Givers in 2009 at Brooklyn Bowl, when the band was just beginning to break into the indie music scene with the upbeat dance-pop tune, "Up, Up, Up." Two years later, and only a few short months after the release of their debut full-length studio album, "In Light," the music of Givers exploded on stage and excitedly commanded the attention of the standing-room-only crowd. Lead singer, Taylor Guarisco, told fans that the Terminal 5 performance was one of the largest the band had every played.

Givers play Terminal 5 on October 20.
If you haven't heard of Givers yet, you are missing out. Think Vampire Weekend meets Dirty Projectors and Fela Kuti, then add just a little more edge and some longer hair, and you've got the funky, electronic rock of Givers. Guitars, keyboard, a synthesizer and two drum sets rounded out the fresh, spunky sound of this up and coming band. The band's only female member and vocalist, the grungy, yet peppy Tiffany Lamson, played one of the percussion sets, which included a xylophone and tambourine. Her talent appeared to no know bounds as she also blended perfectly as a lead vocalist with Guarisco.

Givers' New York tour has concluded for now, but considering their large fan base, their unique style, plus Guarisco's quirky facial expressions and bouncing around the stage while he plays, this certainly will not be the last opportunity New Yorkers have to catch the beat of Givers.

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