Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calling All Budding NYC Actors and Actresses -- Chance to Be an Extra in MIB3!

When Men in Black 2 was in production, around 2001/2002, I responded to an open call for extras and was chosen to play a New Yorker walking through Grand Central Station. For this I received free food and $75, and I got to put "extra in MIB2" on my acting resume (although I never made it to the final cut). I also saw Will Smith eating a hamburger during a filming break! I did not personally meet him, but I witnessed a parent asking Mr. Smith whether his child could take a picture with the actor. Famous actors can be a pretentious bunch, as TMZ loves to show, but Mr. Smith was completely affable, joked with the child and posed for a picture.

Sound like fun? Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6, Grant Wilfrey Casting will be holding an open call for extras for Men in Black 3. Yes, they are actually making a third one, due to be released in 2012, and starring all the characters you know and love from the first two movies.

The open call will take place at 405 W. 59th Street, at 9th Ave, between 10am and 12pm for SAG actors, and 1pm to 4pm for all others. Casting agents are seeking men and women "with character faces," those shorter than 4'10" or taller than 6'5", plus-sized actors, and actors who are willing to get their hair cut and/or styled and can play 1969 New Yorkers such as "hippies, beatnik poet types, 60s celebrity look-a-likes, bikers, models, etc…". Be prepared to spend hours on set for what may be a few seconds of air time, if you make it to the final cut at all. However, the experience is well worth it.

Although Grant Wilfrey previously held a similar open call, it seems they are still looking for more extras, possibly for YOU! See all the information here.

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