Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spotlight Your Talent 2 Welcomes Entertainment Industry Performers and Networkers at R Bar - July 31

A little over five months ago, Creative Spotlights and The Red Shark Entertainment Inc. threw their first "Spotlight Your Talent" industry mixer, which showcased a variety of up-and-coming musical acts, and allowed artists across all veins of the entertainment industry to meet, socialize, and network.

Tomorrow, July 31, Creative Spotlights and Red Shark are at it again, throwing a second industry party, "Spotlight Your Talent 2". As with many sequels, there are tributes to the original, but there's also an entire new cast of characters, a new venue, and, of course, drink specials.

Spotlight Your Talent 2 kicks off at swanky rock bar, R Bar, at 6pm, and will be hosted by Demetrius Triplet and Tiana Miller, with live performances by Rick Rocker, Gabrielle Sterbenz, Craig Greenberg Band, and Johnny Hobbes ft. Ran Dosis and Circe. Click around these links and you'll see what an incredible line-up is in store for the night.

The use of the word "spotlight" is also no accident as, in addition to spotlighting the talent of these live performers, select attendees will have the opportunity to claim 5 minutes of their own spotlight during an open mic portion of the show. Plus there will be an open casting call by TZ Productions, as well as one area of the bar designated specifically for networking. The aim of the event is to "provide opportunities to build stronger relationships in the entertainment industry."

The best part? It's free, if you're 21+ and RSVP here in advance.

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