Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Who is Ingrid Vollset?

Who is Ingrid Vollset? Despite a growing list of local theater, film, and other "industry" credits, it's likely you haven't heard of her, yet. I have only now heard of her because I happened to become mesmerized by her singing in the subway station last night, on the N/Q/R platform at 59th & Lexington, and I wasn't the only one. Her acoustic-electric guitar case, open on the floor for donations, was full of bills, and in the time it took to catch one train, I saw more than a handful of people drop more. I later googled Vollset's name, and was surprised to find that she also boasts a solid professional background in acting, not to mention her skills as a singer-songwriter.

When I initially sauntered her way in the subway station, captivated by her contemplative lyrics and her folksy, wispy, indie rock style, I was sure that Vollset was something of a Regina Spektor meets Company of Thieves. According to this old facebook event post which I stumbled upon in my google search, Vollset actually cites a varied range of influences including not just folk and soul greats such as Susanne Vega, Bob Dylan, and Nina Simone, but also hip-hop and reggae artists such as Lauryn Hill and the Marley family.

If I were a person whose job it was to discover music, I would discover Ingrid Vollset.

Find her on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ingridvollset-1.

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