Sunday, April 6, 2014

Newmindspace Presents The Latest New Weapon for Superheroes and Villains ... Fluffy Pillows?

Yesterday, Newmindspace commemorated a 9th annual International Pillow Fight Day. Around the world, thousands of pillow-fighters converged on popular public places in more than 50 cities.

Caped Crusaders Prepare for a Fluffy Fight in Wash. Sq. Park
In New York, the theme was Superheroes vs. Villains and the locale was Washington Square Park. It all started back in 2005 when creators Kevin Bracken and Lori Kufner became engaged in a massive pillow fight in Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada, while participating in an anti-gun rally. Today, it has grown into a worldwide movement. The Newmindspace creators have explained on their website, "[t]hese events are part of the larger urban playground movement, a loosely-knit group of event organizers around the world who share a common goal: to promote free events in public space, bring people together and create community." Newmindspace also works to raise money for charity as well as awareness of "massive public art".

In New York, crowds converged onto Washington Square Park dressed in everything from Superman and Superwoman costumes, Catwoman, and Dr. Doom, to Pokemon and just plain pajamas. For WGINY, it was a fun-filled day that served a good cause -- participants were asked to leave new and gently used pillows behind at the end of the event so that they could be donated to homeless shelters. In 2013, Newmindspace collected 1,000+ pillows for homeless New Yorkers. 

This is just one of many epic events Newmindspace promotes. "Like" Newmindspace on facebook and "follow" them on twitter to find out about upcoming events such as bubble battles, lightsaber battles and so much more.


  1. Nice blog and very informative. I'm trying to do something similar but in Vegas :) Feel free to check out or advise!

  2. Thanks for reading Julie and Micah!