Friday, September 20, 2013

Mashable's Social Good Summit Seeks Global Citizens

By Heather-Ann Schaeffner

Next week, at the start of UN week, What's Good in NY will be attending the Mashable Social Good Summit, where "big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions." Slated to speak are former Vice President Al Gore, the Executive Director of UNICEF, the President of the World Bank, the CEOs & Founders of more than 20 non-profits, such as Charity Miles, Invisible Children, Inc., and Malaria No More, and many other influential minds in the forum of making the world a better place and using technology to empower people to become global citizens.

With a bevy of monolithic humanitarian issues on the agenda, we look forward to bringing you coverage from Sunday about "The Quest for Conflict Free Technology: The New Wave of Natural Resources," and the many high-powered Keynote "Listeners," as they are called for this conference.

On Monday, WGINY will be excited to share with you how to "Empower a Billion Women by 2020" and "Embrace Your Inner Punk Rock to Save the World," along with select quotes from former Vice President Gore and a photo-slideshow of the conference thus far.

Wrapping up the conference on Tuesday, WGINY will be intrigued to bring you the debate, "The Ocean vs. Space: Which is Really the Final Frontier?" WGINY will then culminate our experience with Mashable and the packed room full of social entrepreneurs with a zinger or two from "You Can Tell A Lot About People From The Jokes They Tell," and a few more lovely photos.  

Tickets to the Summit are sold out, but you can livestream it here

For more information about the Social Good Summit, be sure to check out the website and full agenda. You can also stay connected during the conference with #SocialGoodSummit and #2030Now. Join the global conversation. 

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