Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fuerza Bruta Closing Date Looms

What do a running man, some aerial acrobats swimming overhead, and lots of confetti have to do with each other? I'm still trying to figure that out, but it certainly makes for a good time in the mystifying, mesmerizing, explosive show, Fuerza Bruta.

The show opens with a running man...
During the approximately 70-minute Fuerza Bruta performance, lights, sounds and colors collide all around you, and especially above you, as the show's catch phrase is "Look Up".  Actors move through physical space in unimaginable ways, perform exciting stunts, and garner audience participation in provocative scenes of dance, mayhem, comedy, music and physics. What began as an experimental show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has become a sensation in New York City.

However, sadly, this visually stunning show, that has kept New York City audiences on their toes (literally, you must remain standing the entire time!) for over five years will soon be coming to a close. The curtain falls for the last time for Fuerza Bruta on January 6 (well, actually, there is no curtain -- everyone just gathers in a dark room...), but tickets are still available for upcoming shows, including additional performance dates added for the holidays. Discount tickets can also be purchased at

Look Up!
Because you will be moving around the theater, and there is no way to guess where you could end up, it is best to leave any bags and all personal items with the coat check prior to entering the theater.  Fuerza Bruta performances take place at the Daryl Roth Theatre, at 101 E. 15th Street (just off of Union Square East), and a downstairs lounge hosts a happy hour after every performance.

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