Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feed Your Sweet Tooth at Swedish Sensation, Sockerbit.

If you crave candy, and you haven't stopped by Sockerbit yet, then you are missing out. With a tagline like "Sweet and Swedish," how you can resist stopping in this West Village candy shop, the only one of its kind in the city? Every single sweet piece at Sockerbit is imported directly from Sweden, and there are no additives of any kind allowed. This is just about as natural as candy can be, and yet, it is quite addictive!

"Sockrade hjärtan" (aka sugar-coated raspberry hearts) may melt your heart, while "icemint toppar"  (sugary mint jellies) remain cooly refreshing. Mix and match these and other candy combinations ranging from sour to sweet, chocolate to marshmallow (or chocolate and marshmallow), hard candies, and licorice, and all for only $3.25 per 1/4 pound.

Perhaps the greatest find at Sockerbit, and one of my all-time favorite sweets, is the "chokladnallar." Described as vanilla marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate, but more recognizable as chocolate-covered gummy bears, this hard-to-find delicacy blends the perfect proportion of chewy and chocolate, and just one small teddy bear morsel sends sweet chills down my spine.

Sockerbit, located at 89 Christopher Street (just East of Bleecker St), and open until 8pm on weekdays, and 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, is a must-visit for any West Village outing. Don't have time to get to the store? Order online here.

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