Monday, March 5, 2012

"French Roast" Serves Up More Than Just a Good Cup of Coffee.

Brunch has always been my favorite meal of the day, but learning how to "brunch" in New York City can sometimes be a challenge. There is no such thing as "french toast," only "brioche french toast," or "challah french toast."  A short stack of pancakes doesn't exist, but "cinnamon apple pancakes" and "pumpkin pecan pancakes" are all the rage. And those scrambled eggs you love? They're probably available somewhere, but you'll need to get more creative than that if you're looking to fit in at a trendy brunch spot on a Saturday or Sunday mid-morning or afternoon.

Soft Polenta With Brie (and a slice of "Breakfast Pizza" on the side...)
Well, look no further than hip, Upper West Side café,  "French Roast."  While it may be named after the superb cup of coffee it serves, the palatable brunch options more than compliment the java, as I discovered during a recent brunch at French Roast. 

Despite a packed house at around 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, we were seated within minutes, and the food was served quickly, yet was fresh and hot. 

My dining companion went for an inventive "breakfast pizza," made with eggs, tomato sauce, parmesan and spinach, while I opted for a "soft polenta with brie" dish, which was a concoction of eggs fried perfectly over easy, situated on a stockpile of fluffy, buttery, brie-ful polenta, garnished with sprigs of asparagus and drizzled with tantalizing white truffle oil. The taste remained on my tongue, and in my mind, for hours after the meal. Although we of course could not try them all, some of the other scrumptious-sounding menu items included a "potato, leek & goat cheese frittata," a "tomato & avocado salsa omelette," "brioche french toast with mixed berries," and, quite classically, "buttermilk pancakes with fresh strawberries and Vermont maple syrup," along with other interesting egg, croque, salad, soup, burger and sandwich options, to name a few... 

"Breakfast Pizza"

French Roast is located at 2340 Broadway, and is open 24 hours a day, but brunch is served only from 10am until 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. French Roast also has a downtown location, in the West Village, with varied menus. Leave a comment if you have any information on the downtown café. 

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