Monday, December 5, 2011

Pioneer One: Season One Finale Screening Tonight

It's finally here -- the long-awaited finale of the debut season of "Pioneer One," and you can see it first, as the series' sixth episode (and yes, the final one of the season) premieres tonight at Anthonoly Film Archives, at 32 2nd Avenue. As I explained when WGINY initially covered this new, rivteing viewer-supported web/torrent "science faction" series, "Pioneer One" is a fresh, fun and original show. The five episodes that have aired so far have created an exciting story that explores humanity, morality, and xenophobia, of a sort, in the context of modern-day heightened national security fears and waxing and waning U.S. international relations policies. The theme of the series centers on the possibilty that, decades ago, at the height of the international "Space Race," the former Soviet Union sent two cosmonauts to Mars, who have been living on the planet ever since, and may have recently sent something (or, in actuality, someone...) back to Earth.

You can catch a FREE screening of what I can only imagine will be a gripping season finale of "Pioneer One" at Anthology Film at 9pm tonight. Make sure to reserve your ticket(s) here and/or find more info here. There is also a 7:30pm showing, but reservations for the earlier show have reached capacity. Doors open at 7pm and a reception will follow the first screening in the lobby.

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