Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Robbie Gil Rocks Rockwood Music Hall.

While trying to decide whether to spend an evening at Rockwood Music Hall last night, I stumbled upon the above You Tube Video of emerging indie artist, Robbie Gil, which convinced me that a visit to the Music Hall was in order, as he was playing a set there at 8pm.

Sporting an unmistakable folky singer-songwriter image-- complete with a wicker hat and a (real!) beard--, Gil found a beautiful, comfortable balance between rock, folk, and even jazz. Although the set was intended to be a solo performance, Gil had promised "special guests," which he delivered. Members of "the Band" showed up to play piano and string-bass for assorted songs. Gil himself not only sang, but also often played guitar or piano, while his unique, hearty voice vibrated powerfully over the audience. His original songs ranged from music one might typically expect to hear sitting around a campfire, according to attendee Max P., to fast-paced, wholesome rockabilly toe-tapping. Keep your eyes (and ears) on Robbie Gil. He is next playing in Milford, Connecticut (only a train ride away from NYC...), but I hope he returns to play more NY shows soon.

Robbie Gil Sings and Plays Acoustic-Electric Guitar
As for Rockwood Music Hall, it is a cozy venue for emerging artists like Robbie Gil. There are two main stages and many shows are free, with a one drink per set minimum, although donations for the artists are always appreciated. The Music Hall's performance schedule is updated weekly.

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